Self-Paced Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

In Value Added 616’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, you will learn the skills to increase your earning potential for years to come. Employers look for credentialed LSS Green Belts for the problem-solving skills and systems-thinking abilities they bring to their organizations. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificated professionals are in high demand in many sectors and management roles in major corporations.

In this course, you will:

Learn the core concepts associated with Lean Six Sigma
Undertake guided coursework to develop your Lean Six Sigma skillset
Work directly with a certified Lean Six Sigma coach
Gain access to VA616’s proprietary, and easy-to-understand video course material
Take online tests, at your convenience, to verify your knowledge
Gain recognized, official certification as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Join us for an enlightening video where Dr. Luke shares the value behind our program.

It’s more than just training; it’s a supportive and engaging community. Watch till the end! In this video, Dr. Luke covers every aspect of the package and community, leaving no stone unturned. Though it’s a bit lengthy, we promise it’s worth your time to fully grasp the incredible benefits. Discover how our program goes beyond training, fostering connections, and providing ongoing support for your growth. It’s an enriching experience that will transform your journey. Grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy spot, and dive into this game-changing video. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

Check out two captivating videos showcasing the power of the project charter in Lean Six Sigma!

Experience our approach to presenting this essential tool through two versions: the studio version and the live classroom version. These videos provide a glimpse into the way we present the material, offering valuable insights into the project charter. We hope you enjoy watching them and find inspiration in our unique instructional style! Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of Lean Six Sigma project charters. We can’t wait for you to join us on this exciting learning journey!

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Very demanding and informative course and it was very insightful

Arnold R.

This course is fantastic. The facilitators all have very different personalities and all were great in their own ways. The course was interesting, kept my attention, and made concepts easy to understand. I loved the Sim portion and the ability to see our learning in action and work with other people in a fun way. All in all 10/10 would highly recommend.

Melanie L.

Industry examples and Simulations and Miro

Ganven C.

Hand on application is the biggest strength of the course

Ned G.

Coaches had great knowledge

Suyash K.

It’s practical in orientation. Its project-based learning and not just theory

Pranay Y.

I have experience with Lean but not with the project management type resources & tools used for process improvements. These were very helpful and my biggest takeaway from the course. Strengths include team collaboration & being able to hear from other parts of the team.

Cecilia G.

– Hands-on sessions to correlate to theory sessions

– Knowledgeable instructors

Kumar R.

Clear and concise definitions for each key LSS item, agenda (incl. frequent breaks), tools for the training (simulation, excel)

Guillaume D.

Trainers are clear and concepts are reiterated several times. The involvement rate was high as the concept were immediately re-usable on day +1 after the course. Thank you for those 2 weeks together!

Sayantan M.

The simulation and data analysis were particularly great and it was helpful to see live the improvement phase.

Daniel G.

Well-structured course outline

Lauren C.

The content delivered was very direct leaving no room for misinterpretation. The instructors were very well prepared and shared a variety of examples applicable to different organization types which helped me understand the application of the tools from different angles. All questions were eloquently answered and the hands-on simulation was very simple to follow and trace back to the content taught in the course.

Yasmin D.

I loved learning about the tools and processes. It is a great reference point to implement for my future projects.

Akachi P.

Knowledge on Subject

Andrew P.

The long-term use of the onboarding example solidified everything we were doing into one cohesive project – I found this very helpful!

Samuel C.

Organized approach and very good use of templates

Sunita S.

I really like the exercises we did as a team and apply what we were learning. The coaches welcomed questions and were very welcoming.

Sukh K.

Great layout. Enjoyed how everything intertwined and built on each other.

Henry H.

Strong positive and ‘safe’ environment.

Highly encouraging.


Tyler D.

The constant flow of ideas and conversation during the learning process was very effective in keeping it interesting and facilitating learning for me. Also, the material is laid out in such a way that it is easy to comprehend.

Eric T.

Teaching some, then breakouts to see or practice the tools just taught

Michael H.

Luke and Sarah made went above and beyond to ensure we understood the course. Very interactive and patient.

Taylor H.

Great presentation and leveraging real-life examples helped a lot in understanding the concepts and relate back to my work. Thank you for time and effort to put this together for us. I will be leveraging examples shared in my project work and also the principles of LSSGB.

Amit G.

Very demanding and informative course and it was very insightful

Arnold R.

Quick and to the point. Thought the statistics gave a great background! would help a lot of people!

Brandon B.

Great facilitation. Good foundational knowledge of statistics.

Jim A.

Very detailed instruction, welcoming and patient learning environment, and knowledgeable instructors.

Justin M.

The material was easy to follow, especially the data analysis and statistics sections. As a result, I better understand the Null, Hypothesis, alpha, etc…

Elton S.

This course was very well facilitated. The instructors were engaging, encouraging, and friendly. I appreciated the structure of the course, where we would learn, apply, learn, apply. It allowed me to hear the material, then fully immerse myself in it. I walked away from each day feeling like I understood what I learned. I think Dr. Luke was incredibly patient with our team, even when people seemed lost or confused. I personally had a partner for the final presentation, which I liked. It made me think that I would have liked to have some other exercises with partners or small(er) groups. Getting to have a conversation with another student about some of the material encouraged me to understand it more deeply.

Lauren D.

Enthusiastic yet flexible instructors

John P.

The examples provided were very good in terms of the real-world/client examples given to clarify methodologies.

Blake H.

I found this course to be a great insight and introduction to process improvements and lean as I had no prior knowledge of either topic. The entire DMAIC process is applicable to projects I’m looking forward to working on in the future so I look forward to being able to apply this knowledge.

Misan Y.

1. Interactive session

2. Content for the course

3. Inclusion of Sims for sessions

Mukesh R.

Course Material & Trainers

Sufi C.

I love the activities. I think it’s a great way to test our knowledge. Good job to our facilitators/coaches. They are very informative and I’ve learned a lot from them.

Femari S.

The course was really well structured and organized. It helped to hear about real-world examples and how the principles can be applied. This class may have been my favorite class I’ve ever taken including all my college classes. It included both functional and more technical learnings. I really enjoyed the passion behind the training from the instructors. They made the class super intriguing and fun.

Brad W.