In this video Dr. Luke Chesla briefly explains the course outlines and expectations for both the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Practitioner courses.
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Open Enrollment Course Schedule 2021
CoursePDUs / CEUsDateTimeCost
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0February 1-59am-5pm ESTFULL
Lean Practitioner Virtual30 / 3.0February 10-129am-6pm ESTFULL
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0February 22-269am-5pm EST$1,495
Lean Practitioner30 / 3.0March 3-59am-6pm ESTFULL
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0March 8-129am-5pm ESTFULL
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0March 22-269am-5pm EST$1,495
Lean Practitioner Virtual30 / 3.0April 7-99am-6pm EST$995
LSS Black Belt* Virtual120 / 12.0April 19-23 & May 3-7 & May 17-219am-5pm EST$4,485
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0June 7-119am-5pm EST$1,495
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0June 21-259am-5pm EST$1,495
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0July 26-309am-5pm EST$1,495
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0August 23-279am-5pm EST$1,495
Lean Practitioner Virtual30 / 3.0September 8-109am-6pm EST$995
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0September 20-249am-5pm EST$1,495
LSS Black Belt* Virtual120 / 12.0September 27-October 1 & October 11-15 & October 25-299am-5pm EST$4,485
Lean Practitioner Virtual30 / 3.0November 10-129am-6pm EST$995
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0November 15-199am-5pm EST$1,495
LSS Green Belt Virtual40 / 4.0December 6-109am-5pm EST$1,495

*LSSBB is a 120-hour course if you already have LSSGB Training/Certification. The course is split into three 40-hour weeks, and they are not back-to-back. The gap is left to absorb the information, complete outstanding coursework, and catch up on work from your day job. Let’s face it, you don’t have time to take three straight weeks away from your day job.

Check out our lean six sigma syllabus here


Cancellation Policy

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses have a minimum class size requirement of six students. If, and that is an extremely rare if…we do not have six students signed up for the course a cancellation notification will be sent by noon on the Friday prior to the scheduled course kickoff date/time. If you or your organization already paid for the course, the money will be refunded immediately. Or you may opt to reserve your seat in the next available course and receive a $300 discount for any inconvenience.  

There is no cancellation fee if you provide at least 48 hours’ notice. If we do not receive a cancellation notice at least 48 hours in advance you will incur a $150 fee. No-shows or cancellations after the start of the course will incur a $600 fee.

Missing Classroom Time

We understand the great demand on your time. There are meetings with important clients and deadlines you simply cannot afford to miss. Our policy for missed class time is three hours and must be worked out with your facilitator(s). That includes appointments, deadlines, and client engagements. Keep in mind there is a one-hour lunch every day from 12pm-1pm (EST), at which point you may schedule anything you like. Please note that we highly discourage anyone from missing class from 1pm-5pm on the last day of class. That is DMAIC tollgate prep time and delivery, and exam review and delivery. 

Professional Development and Continuing Education Units

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized measure of participation in an approved non-credit continuing education program. One Continuing Education Unit (1.0) is defined as: Ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

The Professional Development Unit (PDU) was established by PMI as the educational metric for project management educational activities. One PDU is earned for each contact hour spent in structured learning, which is relevant to project management. For conversion purposes, one (1) CEU equates to 10 PDUs.

In Partnership with American Meridian University and with Validation of Certification Through the Department of Defense



Battle Buddy discount for 2-3 students is 5%.

Fire Team discount for 4-5 students is 7%.

Squad discount for 6-12 students is 10%.

Platoon discount for 13 or more students is 20%.

Battalion discount for any organization who enrolls (30) or more students throughout the course of any calendar year automatically gets a 20% discount the following calendar year.

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